Barbecoa - Restaurant Launch

‘Barbecoa’, as the name suggests is a barbecue restaurant on the Marathahalli- Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru. It serves a huge buffet and live grills on the table. In the event of its launch, we decided to design a creative invite. To depict the sight of an actual barbecue dish, we came up with an ‘edible’ invite that looked like a grill stuffed with vegetables, but all of it made by 'chocolate'. We crafted the whole invite using just chocolate in different shapes, sizes, and colors and made it look as tempting as possible. We distributed the invite to a lot of people across Bengaluru and what we noticed were just amazed expressions and happy faces. The launch took off with flying colors and through all this, we made sure there was uniqueness in everything we do.

  • Jalsa Groups
  • Food & Beverages
  • Branding, Marketing, Social Media
  • Sept 2017
  • Zomato | Website
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Holistic brand redesign focusing product design, interface design, studio photograph style, icon design, editorial design, web design & motion design.

- Paul Rand / American Art Director & Graphic Designer

Barbecoa is a contemporary themed barbecue restaurant with a huge buffet menu which changes weekly! This place has become a favorite among the masses for their delectable food and affordable prices. The ambiance is done up in subtle hues with neolithic depictions on the walls, each painting relating to how our forefathers hunted and mastered the art of cooking using fire, leading us to relate to what Barbecoa, like in the name, has to offer. The main highlights of Barbecoa are the live grill, a wide spread of desserts and live ice cream counter which leaves anyone astonished!